Free to play social games


We're Impact Games.

Based in the UK, we're an indie game developer specialising in social games. It's our goal to connect people from across the world through engaging multi-player gaming experiences.

Our games are free to play from any web browser, making them accessible to anyone with an internet connection. We also offer mobile apps through the two major stores.

Since 2005, we've amassed over 1 million player registrations and over 250,000 app downloads.

What makes our games special

  • Free to play

    All of our games are free to play without nag screens

  • No intrusive ads

    You won't have ads interrupting your gameplay

  • Regular updates

    Our games are actively maintained with improvements

  • Community focused

    Play with your friends and meet new players along the way

  • Here to help

    If you ever get stuck or confused, just shoot us a message!

Don't just take our word for it...

  • This game is so immersive that I'm unable to put my phone down! Fast paced, always on the move to stay one step ahead of enemies and two ahead of the law, love it!

    Review of Gangster Nation

  • I've played multiple rounds (15 in game weeks per "round") and I always find myself coming back! This game requires zero to no skills other than how to stack your bullets and how to strategize them in becoming the best GN player! If you don't know where to start or how to play, the game comes with a guide and it's pretty easy to follow!

    Review of Gangster Nation

  • This game is so much fun me and my cousin play this game all day and just grind.

    Review of Gangster Nation

  • Love the game, its so addicting and the minigames are fun. There are so many vehicles to collect and the game is even better with the multiplayer allowing for players to communicate and trade, the death system is made very well so that if you die you don't lose everything and have to restart.

    Review of Gangster Nation

  • Best gangster RPG Game around, been playing for many years, the game's mechanics are good. The games layout is easy to access, its fun learn to play🙂

    Review of Gangster Nation

  • This is one of the best games I've played in a long time. There some things that need to be added but over all the gameplay is perfect. And the online touch is amazing. To have a "life" type game online is a very smart move. I wish there where more family spots but that's about it. Game is on point

    Review of Gangster Nation

  • my experience is well a very good experience with this game. the community is very welcoming to new players as well as the administrative support is extremely helpful to clear up and solve and issues and or concerns one may have. gameplay is quite fun- it may take a little bit to learn the ropes but once you do; it draws you in fully. :)

    Review of Gangster Nation